Understanding Computers in a Changing Society

Understanding Computers in a Changing Society gives your students a classic introduction to computer concepts with a modern twist! Known for its emphasis on basic computer concepts and societal issues, this text makes concepts relevant to today’s career-focused students and has increased emphasis on mobile computing and related issues such as mobile commerce and mobile security.

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Catalysis: Volume 19 (Specialist Periodical Reports)

There is an increasing need to find cost-effective and environmentally sound methods of converting natural resources into fuels, chemicals and energy; catalysts are pivotal to such processes. Catalysis highlights major developments in this area. Coverage of this Specialist Periodical Report includes all major areas of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis. In each volume, specific areas of current interest are reviewed. Examples of topics include experimental methods, acid/base catalysis, m…

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Food Price Volatility and Its Implications for Food Security and Policy

This book provides fresh insights into concepts, methods and new research findings on the causes of excessive food price volatility. It also discusses the implications for food security and policy responses to mitigate excessive volatility. The approaches applied by the contributors range from on-the-ground surveys, to panel econometrics and innovative high-frequency time series analysis as well as computational economics methods. It offers policy analysts and decision-makers guidance on deal…

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Windows Server® 2008 Hyper-V(TM) Resource Kit

In-depth and comprehensive, this official RESOURCE KIT delivers the information you need to plan, implement, and manage a virtualized enterprise infrastructure. Covers R2 features. You get authoritative technical guidance from those who know the technology best—leading industry experts and the Windows® Virtualization Team—along with sample scripts, job aids, and other essential resources.
Get expert advice on how to:

Manage the project visioning phase—scope, risks, budget
Design Hyper-V se…

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Herbs for Stress & Anxiety: How to Make and Use Herbal Remedies to Strengthen the Nervous System. A Storey BASICS® Title

Treat stress, anxiety, depression, and more with simple herbal remedies that calm your mind, build a healthy nervous system, and promote lasting peace. In this informative guide, renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar profiles 21 herbs proven to be effective at soothing common ailments like insomnia, panic attacks, skin conditions, and migraines. With simple directions for making herbal mixtures that can be used in delicious teas, tinctures, and capsules, Gladstar shows you how to harness the p…

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Brave New Quilts: 12 Projects Inspired by 20th-Century Art • From Art Nouveau to Punk & Pop

• Well-known author and blogger at Whipup.net, Kathreen Ricketson presents 12 quilts inspired by 20th century art movements―from Art Nouveau and Bauhaus to pop and punk• Every art-inspired quilt concept is divided into 4 chapters: Use of Line, Use of Color, Use of Motif, and Use of Text. Each of these chapters contains 3 projects and is generously outlined with illustrations and 2 alternate design options.• Includes expert information on color, fabric selection, inspiration, and mood boardsTh…

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Behavior Modification: What It Is and How To Do It

Behavior Modification,10/e assumes no specific prior knowledge about psychology or behavior modification on the part of the reader. The authors begin with basic principles and procedures of behavior modification and then provide readers with how-to-skills such as observing and recording. Next, the authors provide advanced discussion and references to acquaint readers with some of the empirical and theoretical underpinnings of the field. Readers will emerge with a thorough understanding of beh…

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Open Source Geospatial Tools: Applications in Earth Observation

This book focuses on the use of open source software for geospatial analysis. It demonstrates the effectiveness of the command line interface for handling both vector, raster and 3D geospatial data. Appropriate open-source tools for data processing are clearly explained and discusses how they can be used to solve everyday tasks.
A series of fully worked case studies are presented including vector spatial analysis, remote sensing data analysis, landcover classification and LiDAR processing…

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