The Art and Craft of Policy Advising: A Practical Guide

This book offers a practical guide for policy advisors and their managers, grounded in the author’s extensive experience as a senior policy practitioner in central and local government.  Effective policy advising does not proceed in ‘cycles’ or neatly ordered ‘stages’ and ‘steps’, but is first and foremost a relationship built on careful listening, knowing one’s place in the constitutional scheme of things, becoming useful and winning the confidence of decision makers.  The author introduces …

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Superconductivity An introduction

This book proposes a thorough introduction for a varied audience. The reader will master London theory and the Pippard equations, and go on to understand type I and type II superconductors (their thermodynamics, magnetic properties, vortex dynamics, current transport…), Cooper pairs and the results of BCS theory. By studying coherence and flux quantization he or she will be lead to the Josephson effect which, with the SQUID, is a good example of the applications. The reader can make up …

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Perspectives on Narrativity and Narrative Perspectivization

The book offers a novel approach to the question of how to model narrativity against the background of perspectivization. By bringing together contributions from neuro- and cognitive linguistics, literary studies, and picture theory, the volume uncovers basic mechanisms of perspectivization that are common to the different levels of linguistic structure, literary novels, and narrative pictures. As such, it is also a book on narrative perspectivization since its contributions examine in de…

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Introduction to Cryptography

Authors: Delfs, Hans, Knebl, Helmut
New edition of successful cryptography textbook
Describes SHA-3 standard for cryptographic hash functions (Keccak), elliptic curve cryptosystems, and quantum cryptography
Suitable for undergraduate and graduate courses in cryptography
About this Textbook / About the authors
The first part of this book covers the key concepts of cryptography on an undergraduate level, from encryption and digital signatures to cryptographic protocols. Essential techniques…

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Entrepreneurs Grow at Warp Speed

The world’s #1 personal development blogger shares his best business insights for the beginning entrepreneur.
In , bestselling author and blogger Steve Pavlina channels decades of business experience to share his personal insights about the world of entrepreneurs, and explains why today may be the best time in history to start a business.
Includes a bonus offer inside to receive 100 pages from The Passive Income Book
1: Grow smarter
2: Stop working with idiots …

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41 Will Come: Holding On When Life Gets Tough-and Standing Strong Until a New Day Dawns

Chuck E. Tate, “41 Will Come: Holding On When Life Gets Tough-and Standing Strong Until a New Day Dawns”
ISBN: 1496410556 | 2016 | EPUB | 288 pages | 689 KB
A bold declaration of faith, 41 Will Come is a shot of encouragement and hope for everyone who desperatel…

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The Atheistic Theist: Why There is No God and You Should Follow Him

What if the Gospel is not about making the Godless Godly, but making the godly godless? What if Jesus isn’t interested in calling us to add one more deity to our list of priorities, but to abandon the notion of the divine as we’ve imagined it altogether, and to follow him down a path so contradictory to our concepts of God, that it looks more like forsaking him than following him? In The Atheistic Theist, Jeff Turner argues that the only way to find God is to lose God, and that many of u…

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