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Frontier Cities: Encounters at the Crossroads of Empire

Frontier Cities: Encounters at the Crossroads of Empire by Jay Gitlin and Barbara Berglund
English | 2012 | ISBN: 0812244680 | 280 pages | PDF + EPUB | 8,3 + 4 MB
Macau, New Orleans, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. All of these metropolitan centers were once frontier cities, urban areas irrevocably shaped by cross-cultural borderland beginnings. Spanning a wide range of periods and locations, and including stories of eighteenth-century Detroit, nineteenth-century Seattle, and tw…

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The Art and Craft of Policy Advising: A Practical Guide

This book offers a practical guide for policy advisors and their managers, grounded in the author’s extensive experience as a senior policy practitioner in central and local government.  Effective policy advising does not proceed in ‘cycles’ or neatly ordered ‘stages’ and ‘steps’, but is first and foremost a relationship built on careful listening, knowing one’s place in the constitutional scheme of things, becoming useful and winning the confidence of decision makers.  The author introduces …

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The Atheistic Theist: Why There is No God and You Should Follow Him

What if the Gospel is not about making the Godless Godly, but making the godly godless? What if Jesus isn’t interested in calling us to add one more deity to our list of priorities, but to abandon the notion of the divine as we’ve imagined it altogether, and to follow him down a path so contradictory to our concepts of God, that it looks more like forsaking him than following him? In The Atheistic Theist, Jeff Turner argues that the only way to find God is to lose God, and that many of u…

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