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Perception, Causation, and Objectivity (Consciousness and Self-Consciousness

To be a “commonsense realist” is to hold that perceptual experience is (in general) an immediate awareness of mind-independent objects, and a source of direct knowledge of what such objects are like. Over the past few centuries this view has faced formidable chal…

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or perception-causation-and-objectivity-consciousness-and-self-consciousness

On the Perception of Dynamic Emotional Expressions

This work explores the power of visual and vocal channels, in conveying emotional cues exploiting realistic, dynamic and mutually related emotional vocal and facial stimuli, and aims to report on a cross cultural comparison on how people from different Western Countries perceive emotional dynamic stimuli.
The authors attempt to give an answer to the following questions evaluating the subjective perception of emotional states in the single (either visual or auditory channel) and the combin…

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